Just finishing another Trapper Cabin
The crew is just finishing the dry in of another cabin up in the Cascades with a million dollar view. This cabin was a two year battle with the state and counties to get it up and a few times we thought the state would win. 

The Watkins stayed with it through thick and thin and were rewarded with a beautiful cabin which they will be finishing in the spring. If you are planning on building next year now is when you begin the process and especially with the states which are harder to build in.

Our builders are scheduling now for May and June so it is advised to get an early start if you are wanting to get it done by this time next year. Unfortunately there are only so many we can build with the limited number of builders available.

For the details of this cabin email and we will show you how you can put this gorgeous Trapper Cabin on your get away location.

Thank You,
Gary Bray

The Grizzly cabin is a great 2 bedroom one story getaway.
We have been hearing from a number of retirees who want a cabin without a second floor and the Grizzly is a great option for those people.

This is a beautiful small cabin which is easy to build and is perfect for sitting on the porch and watching the sun rise and set.

Anyone wanting to build next spring is already late for that happening. The quickest you can get permits now would be February which is when the season will be starting.

We have some slots and builders who can stack these anywhere in the country with competitive rates for you.

Call or email for details on this gorgeous cabin.

Gary Bray