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Handcrafted Log Homes


In God We Trust

Bray Log & Lumber is offering a full service Handcrafted Log Home. These homes are built by the finest crafters and will allow your home buyers any option they can imagine. Handcrafted houses sent to the jobsite where log crafters will stack them to a shell or turn key completion. These are built in either Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock or Standing Dead Spruce in all log sizes. We can design and stack the logs to your plan or ours. You can see the exceptional craftsmanship of these log homes. Give BL&L a call to make your dream home come true.

Hancrafter log homes are the ultimate log home

Our craftsmen can design any option

This looks like the Ponderosa with massive logs

Bray Log & Lumber where Quality Stacks Up

Manufacturing Process

We can offer everything from the basic delivery of Handcrafted Logs to the development of the house off your blueprints to the finished house. This will be an additional product for the Log Home company who is looking for a source for quality Handcrafted Manufacturers.

Building a handcrafted at the yard

Log Framed House being built at yard