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Western Cedar Log Railing

Pro-series Log Railings are beautiful and durable

Here are our railing being used at Glacier National Park restoration

Spring Railing Sale 
Bray Log and Lumber has the most beautiful log railings in the country. Nothing compares to the look of real western cedar or lasts longer than anything other railing.
Cedar Railings resist both weather including snow and insects and has historically withstood the tests of time by being strong yet weather and insect resistant.
Our predrilled cedar railings Pro-Series 32" start at $19.95/lineal foot (not including posts) plus $250 freight west of Mississipi and $450 East.
We produce a full line of log railings made from Oregon Cedar, square or log to match whichever your log home design requires. They will be shipped to your home completed and simply attach them to give the look your
These are 4" Cedar Rails that do not rot or split and are truly one of a kind. That bottom rail will stay straight long after lodgepole has begun to sag. We can send the cedar posts to hang the rails and even provide cedar decking for that one of a kind pure cedar experience.
Make your railings more sturdy and long lasting while being absolutely beautiful to set off your log cabin with the most beautiful rails in America.

Railing dimensions

Square Stairs and Rails give you that rustic feel

Add $5/foot for our hand crafted square cedar log railings.


Your log railings begining to weather and split? Replace those broken railings with our brand new Western Cedar that will resist that wind and snow to last much longer than pine and spruce. Order today and give your most visible accent to your home a facelift.  Our railings come in 4', 6', 8' and 10' sections. Just fill out the form below and we will help solve your problem.
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