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Make your home a log cabin with Cedar Log Siding

Before Bray Log Cedar Log Siding

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Our economy log siding is a cost effective alternative to the heavier radius products. This is a light radius 2x6 & 2x8 product that gives your cabin the log look for a lower cost. It is the perfect siding for a mobile home conversion to a log cabin. The six inch siding is only $2.45 per square foot plus freight. This option is also available in cedar for a very attractive and bug resistant option at $2.50 per square foot plus freight.  


Freight can be estimated using $1/mile from our Boone NC location or .75/mile from our Roseburg Oregon location. 

Winter Special
Priced at $2.45 per Square Foot plus freight

This high quality cedar is $2,95/sq ft plus freight

This page shows more of the log sidings we manufacture. Even though we are based in Oregon we have manufacturers spread all across the Country. This saves shipping costs for you and opens more options for different species.  We may present information about the manufacturing process, lead time, or quality control for each product.

8 Inch Cedar Log Siding

Mobile Home Log Siding

10 inch light radius log siding

Full radius Half Log Sidings will make regular house and transform it into the Log Home you always dreamed of. We provide full round log sidings in all sizes and shapes to make your project truly one of a kind. We can also stop over at mills to give you a variety of species and accents to give you a variety of textures and colors. All of our producers stress quality above all else to make sure your products will be beautiful as well as easy to install.

Log sidings can vary in height and thickness to give you any look you desire and budget allows.

Rustic Corner Post


Light radius log sidings can be used to keep the cost low and comes in both pine and cedar. The cedar option is not only affordable but is a very attractive siding that looks twice the price. At 1.25 per lineal foot plus freight it is a great bargain to remake your home.

Optional Siding Log Tails

Corners can be done in either corner tails or posts whatever your desire.