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Most Log Homes and Timber Frame Homes use 2x6 T&G Select Deck for their ceiling, loft and roof systems. We provide the highest quality Select Deck available. We use producers from the Pacific Northwest which is known for quality lumber grown in the temperate climates that produce some of the best cedar and douglas fir available.
We can save you money and provide the finest 2x6 Tongue & Groove in the Country. Below are some examples of our 2x6 Decking in Spruce, Cedar and Douglas Fir. The lighter color is cedar while the reddish colored decking is Douglas Fir.

2x6 Cedar T&G Decking

Staightline finish means ease of installation

Timber Frame by Revival Timber Works
Doug Fir adds strength and reddish colors

Here are a couple of pictures of the Select Decking that we ship for Cathedral Ceiling appearance to make that home a one of a kind. We use the finest mills and materials in America to ship to our customers Manufacturing facilities and jobsites.


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