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Cedar Hand Hewn Siding
Get an old world look on your home with Hand Hewn Siding


Our latest success is the jumbo 13 inch half log siding. This house is imacculate with the largest cedar siding in America to make that standard frame construction into a massive log home.

This one has exceptional stonework to give it the unique mixture of wood and stone to make it a one of a kind. We are now drop shippling this stone for walls and foundations/fireplaces.

See what Bray Log can do for you.

Before cedar log siding

After 10" Cedar Log Siding

Have you always wanted to live in a log home? Have you always wanted to live in a log cabin, but couldn't afford it? Well now you can.
Bray Log & Lbr offers some of the most stunning varieties of exterior log sidings and interior log home accents available anywhere. We feature all species of wood although we focus primarily on cedar due to its insect resistance and weather durability. Cedar is not only beautiful it will last through the years.
We can provide both Half Log Sidings up to 13" half log as well as Hand Hewn Log Sidings in both Pine and Cedar. We provide full Log corners and Notches to match our log sidings giving that real Log Home appearance.

We can finish your log siding projects with full round log corner posts or tails to complete your log home design. This gives you the log home look with all the advantages of a conventional home and the warmth of a Log Home. Our board and batten is one of the most unique anywhere.
Log sidings give you the best of both worlds. You can have the ease of building a conventional home with the look of a Log Home. You can change your old tired vacation home into a dream log cabin simply with our log siding or hand hewn siding. We are a wholesale company that orders the siding direct to give you the lowest cost with superior quality. This give you the ability to make your home the old style log home feel with modern convenience of conventional framing and features.
Since we have producers all over America we can provide log siding and log products to all regions of the country. Give us a call and let us earn your business.

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Cedar Board and Batten gives that barn look on you home

Cedar log siding

Our 8" log with an antique finish gives an old look

Our Half Log Cedar siding is the finest log siding you will find. It is almost impossible to tell it is not a real log home with all the advantages of conventonal framing. In addition we use real western log siding for the durability and insect resistance of western cedar. You will not find a better product or finer looking material than cedar siding. We have all sizes and profiles to choose from and will help you every step of the way.

Cedar Log Siding adds beauty and durability

Accent beams make your cabin unique

Cedar gives a beauty and warmth nothing else can provide

Siding and Timber Truss
Fox Bay Lodge Alaska

Cedar Wavy Edge Siding

10" Hand Hewn Cedar

Fox Bay Lodge Website

Great Buck Lodge
White Pine 2x8 Log Siding

We have a wide variety for every style

Here are some examples of products we can offer:

* Log Siding

* Log Siding Corners and Notched Tails

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. 
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Great Buck Lodge
White Pine 2x8 Log Siding

Bray Log & Lumber where quality stacks up.

We can provide Log Siding for individuals to cut costs and provide service. With multiple locations of manufacture we can match your project to our location saving you money.

Additional Log Sidings