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Latest home transformation

Before log siding

Dress your home up with Cedar Log Siding

Are you tired of living in your old mobile home and ready for a new look and an old world attitude? Why not turn that tired manufactured home into a log cabin and go back to the pioneer days? If you ever wanted to live in a log cabin and live the frontier days here is your chance and it won't cost an arm and a leg.  Turn your mobile into a log cabin everyone will wish they could live in and come home every night to tell the world goodbye. When you are finished all you need is a rocking chair and a good book.  Send in a request and find out the details. These people did and so can you.


Cinder Block Home before Log Siding

After Cedar Log Siding

You can turn that boring manufactured home with the bad siding into the dream you have always had. We can offer real western cedar log siding for very reasonable prices.

Cedar Siding Kit for a 28x35' Manufactured home will start around $4,850 plus freight and handling. 

Cedar Siding for a 28x50' Manufactured home will start around $6,750 plus freight and handling.

Cedar Siding for a 28x60 Manufactured home will start around $7,250 plus freight and handling.

Freight will average between $600 and $1500 to most locations. 

Call or fill out questions below for actual estimate and convert your mobile home into a log cabin.


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"We love it! Its a totally new look and we believe it is going to do wonders for heating and cooling. We are so thankful and proud. Everyone who sees it is amazed at how great it looks. Thanks for your help."

Reverend and Mrs Stanley Baker                                                                                                                     

Cache Oklahoma

Hi from Kenny and Linda.

We are complete with the front deck really amazing. We are so blessed to have found you I come home from work everyday and still can not believe how beautiful our home looks I finally have my dream home.

Thanks so much for your assistance and interest in this project.. It is everything I had hoped.... Take Care  Ray  

More pictures on the way

Have your siding arrive without having to stain

Our latest addition is Pre-Stained Log Siding

Arriving at your home with the stain already finished! 

Pre-stained log siding

After Cedar Log Siding

Definately an eye catcher. Get positive comments all the time.. I am thrilled with the job.  Maybe a little reserved on getting it done.

Thanks for your interest.



Cedar log siding made a warm natural beauty