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Regular price $21,477
Fall Special $14,750

Bray Log & Lumber was excited to have our 16x20 cabin featured in an episode of Tiny House Nation, Season 4, airing Saturdays at  9/8 PM on FYI Network. This cabin has been highlighted on their commercials since it is the nicest Tiny Home in their season and one of the few not on a trailer frame.
The Episode can be seen at this link:

Tiny Home Cabin


Have you been wanting to build a quality long lasting log cabin on your lot in the mountains, but you cannot afford the $100,000 and more to get one built? Is your church camp looking to build log cabins but have not seen anything you like? Purchasing the bare bones logs and frame may be your best way to accomplish it.

We make a top quality log cabins yet very affordable Cedar cabins which can fit into most budgets to make that pioneer cabin dream come true and last for generations. Our cedar is the most resistance to rot, cracking and termites of any wood available. In addition it is the most stable and has the least settling of any log. We simply have the most beautiful cabins on the planet waiting to be put on that lot you have been wanting to get built. Just fill out the information request below and receive a free brochure with dozens of floor plans of our cabins.

Our Trapper cabins range from tiny cabins to large high end homes and all of them have the details and use cedar house logs which will make your cabin will last for decades with our unique hand hewn pioneer finish to give you that family fun escape for hunting, fishing and camping. We will provide as much or as little help as you need to make this cabin dream come true. Just fill out the information form below and turn your dream into a reality.

Do you need a cabin for any of these uses:

Backwoods cabin  Artist studio  Reading Room Wine Tasting room  Brides changing room

Rental cabin  B&B  Vacation cabin  Tiny home living  Storage unit  1 car Garage   Boat house

Bunkhouse Camp Shower  Camp Kitchen  Dining facility  Guardhouse  Warming hut  

Fishing/Fly Tying hut  Hunting hut  Slaughter house/smoker  Sauna house  Campground cabins  

Sailboat shop  Garden house/vegetable processing  Tack house  Man Cave/Video Game Room  

Storage shed  Tea Cabin  Movie House  Glass House  Lookout  Sales/ticket office  Staging Hut 

Landscaper Shed/office  Real Estate office  Mother in law house Woodworker Shop

This cabin can be designed for any of these activities and more

Specials Page

These affordable cabins give you the warm feel of cedar

Trapper Cabin Basic Package

  • Includes 4x8 Cedar Square Timber Logs with hand hewn finish
  • Hardware lag screws, gasket, caulk & blueprints
  • Cedar 8x8 Corner posts
  • 6x12 Douglas Fir Timber Main beam
  • Timber Framing for loft and roof structure with posts
  • Fall Special $14,750 plus freight 



    Basic Package Pricing

    • Trapper Size:                          Square ft            Regular Prices        Spring Specials
    • Tiny Home     16x20 with 10x16 loft                 480                     $21,477                $14,750
    • Tiny Home Plus  16x20 with 20x16 loft         640               $26,500             $19,995
    • Mt Bachelor      20x20 with 10x20 loft                 600                    $25,475                 $21,862     
    • Mt Hood      20x24 with 10x24 loft                 720                    $27,456                 $23,556
    • Freight use $1/mile from Redding CA with $750 minimum
    • Small cabins use 4x8 logs so states and counties requiring 6x8 logs add 10%

    1000 Square foot plus Trapper Cabins use 6x8 cedar logs

    • Trapper Size                                       Square Ft            Regular Prices            Spring Specials 
    • Mt St Helens    24x24       12x24 loft        864                    $39,875                      $29,775 
    • Mt Rainer   24x36       18x24 loft       1296                   $48,023                      $39,572
    • Mt Baker   24x48        24x24 loft      1728                   $56,023                      $47,162
    • Three Sisters   24x52         24x26 loft      1872                  $58,907                      $53,515
    • Call or email for freight charges

    These Hunter Cabins are very unique in their beauty and price. They are slightly larger to be more comfortable than a camper for staying more than just a weekend or a few hunting buddies. When it is completed you will have a stucture that looks like a million bucks and be able to use it whenever you want. Why buy a trailer or mobile home when you can build a cedar log cabin and stay warm and cozy leaving a legacy. Send a request now for all the details of this exciting new program. These cabins are of the highest quality cedar yet very affordable. Make sure you have a theme you want to acheive before we help complete another American dream of a vacation cabin in the woods.

    Spring special:

    Covered deck with posts, rafters, T&G decking and cedar deck and railings for only $2300.

    $3500 value lasts only until the end of June. Book now for this special value. 

    These are the parts provided for the special

    Our Trapper series is making the outdoors comfortable. It is the most cost effective way to build and when you have finished you have an absolutely amazing looking log cabin with minimal expense. These cabins are far under their value for a real log cabin with an ease of build as well as a beauty and durability you can only find in cedar. Notice the old world hand hewn texture to set this cabin apart from any other in the area. These touches take you back 150 years to commune with our pioneer ancestory. 

    Our newest cabin is the Trapper Plus
    The top floor is a full Master Bedroom with a balcony

    Our introductouy price on this cabin is $39K for the dried in package and $68K for built.

    Email for details on this incredible cedar cabin. 

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    16x20 Trapper $13,950

    Beautiful hand hewn finish

    Doug Fir Ceiling T&G and Hand Hewn Timbers

    Tiny Home Plus with balcony only $19,995

    • Tiny Home Plus  16x20 with 20x16 loft         640               $26,500             $19,995

    Here is our newest edition of the Trapper cabin we call the Trapper Plus. It has a full second floor which is a master bedroom with a walkout balcony overlooking your scenery. This bedroom is accessed by a spiral staircase opening up the first floor and giving you a 640 square foot cabin. We have even found a way to make a half bath on the second floor to make this a very usable tiny cabin with a gorgeous master bedroom in your vacation paradise. Imagine waking up to a wall of windows and making it out to your balcony to have your coffee listening to the wind and birds enoying your dream getaway.

    Come visit Edinboro Lake Resort near Erie PA

    Catch trout from your front porch

    The Hunter's Cabin starts at $68,950

    Hunters Cabin Floor Plan

    June Specials Page