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The Republic of Texas 2022


If you want a story about faith and the American dream, this is it. 

After the collapse of the United States, Texas petitions and purchase's its sovereignty to become a free Republic. As an independent country Texas is able to become a purely free market economy without the restrictions and roadblocks of government. Texas soon becomes the most powerful country in the world and draws the interest from the United Nations to become a tax paying member country. This is where Atlas Shrugs meets Star Wars and the conflict begins.

The story is a look at a world as it could be if capitalists were not only trusted but encouraged and the welfare state was to be replaced by a self reliant society. This is the age old battle between government control and free market forces. This story has all the answers to today's problems financially, politically and spiritually. It gives a different direction to take to solve our issues.

This is a story which has the final battle between Texas and the industrial free market against the UN one world government. It is the story of American inginuity against the one world government as we all feared it would be. You will be rooting for Texas in the end and will be amazed at the ending. You will not be disappointed. This is like no story you have ever read or thought of as you learn how the capitalist free market works and what it would be capable of if it were ever given a chance to spread its wings. 

"I read on my flight to Hawaii, lacking 20 pages, which I just finished this morning. I've never had a novel affect me so strongly,"



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I Left for a business trip to Tampa, FL, on Thursday, and started reading Texas 2022 on the flight – and finished it that evening in the hotel.  Friday during breakfast I was reading the Tampa newspaper and a local Tampa Headline read,” Student suspended for mentioning Bible in homework assignment”, and in the article the teacher’s job may be on the line for not reporting the incident immediately!  The Sunday morning paper’s headline read,” Paris Global Warming Summit a Success”, and a sub-article talked about a BBC reporter being fired for questioning the world leaders intent!

Wow – it’s happening!  Also, it would make a great movie – maybe only Texans would watch it, but they would see it multiple times!!


Hey Gary,

     I finished your book over the weekend (stayed up way past my bedtime Saturday night to finish it!).  Really loved the ending and the Ranger's character-reminded me of a local author seen .... God gives all of us the gift of creativity and let's us express the joy we know in Him.  Thanks for letting me be a receiver of that gift.

Hey Gary - yes I have started it - in fact could hardly put it down at work the other day. I was reading it during lunch and it came time to go back to work & I kept opening your book back up and reading another page or two. Awesome book !! I'm loving it !  I just finished page 91 - right before the UN Resolution 2022-311 Chapter. I'm enjoying your story very much ! 

Don't Mess with TEXAS !! 


This award winning book has just been nominated as a finalist for the Oregon Cascade Christian Writers award.
It speaks to the final battle between Christianity and the world government. 


5.0 out of 5 stars A Warning to Atheist Liberal Dummycrats!!!, December 21, 2014
This review is from: The Republic of Texas 2022: Texas' Last Stand for Faith and Freedom (Paperback)
This book has the five things that makes America great: God (three things in one), the free market, and Texas. Suck it Louisiana!!! I carry this book around with me to the liberal collage I attend. It is a conversation starter with the other hippie students that have been brainwashed by the media. Whenever I am confronted, usually daily, by one of the professors about my deeply held religious beliefs, I pull this out from under my Kid Rock Trapper Keeper and tell them whats what. Who has a gun??? THIS GIRL.