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Bray Log & Lumber is your source for Douglas Fir Timbers to accent your Log Home or Timber Framed Home. Douglas Fir is the classic timber beams for your Timber Frame home or Timber Frame project. Here are some pictures of our Douglas Fir Timbers. These structural timbers are being raised for Doug Fir timber roof joists and walls. 

These Full Sawn Doug Fir Timbers range from 4x6 thrugh 24x24 and larger in both Rough Sawn and Surfaced which will accent your Timber Frame floor plans. The strength and beauty of Douglas Fir is unmatched anywhere coming out of the lush Northwest forests. Bray Log & Lumber is located in Oregon and can supply either surfaced, rough or hand hewn Doug FirTimbers to make your home truly one of a kind. We are even supplying hardwood and reclaimed timbers upon request.

Whether you are needing 2 pieces or 2 truckloads we are becoming one of the top full range custom cut Douglas Fir Timber suppliers in America. Whether your project is large or rather small we can usually make your building projects come to life. Send an email below or call and let us help your custom timbers come to you.

Selected for Appearance as well as structural strength for Timber Frame Applications

Custom cut timbers will set your home apart

Douglas Fir Timbers
These beautiful timbers show the distinctive reddish color of Doug Fir

Jumbo Timbers
We can provide nearly any size or length

If you need large round timbers for your summer lodge we can provide them over 30" in diameter and up to 50' long. Bray Log & Lumber provides nearly any Log Home product you could possible want to make that Log Home your Dream Home.

Douglas Fir Timbers are selected for visual appearance as well as structural strength.

Sizing and Appearance are cut to your individual specifications straight from the mill to your project.

We can provide timbers in any size or grades.

Timber Frame Trusses

Bray Log & Lumber where quality stacks up.

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