Bray Log & Lumber



When my wife and I purchased our fixer upper mountain home in 2012 we saw huge potential in the house. We knew it would take a lot of work and special finishes to bring it to its potential. We were searching for a unique wall finish for our high ceilinged living room, this was was a challenge, then we came upon Bray Lumber.


I contacted Gary via email first with some inquires, he was very responsive, helpful and straight forward with us. We then discussed the paneling and were introduced to Blue Stained Knotty Pine Paneling.


This is all naturally stained by the products left behind by the bark beetle, we saw photos and loved what we saw, but ordering sight unseen were skeptical. We took the plunge, ordered the paneling from Bray lumber and waited anxiously for its arrival.


Upon arrival I opened a couple bundles and I was more than pleased, the color variations through-out this lumber is amazing. Much to our joy, its looks even more spectacular once installed  on the walls, and more so when we had applied the clear finish and brought out the depth.


To date we, our friends and neighbors sit in the room and are fascinated by the colors and patterns that this paneling provides, it made our living room a show case. I have since faced cabinets, built doors and completely redone a portion of a bathroom and sitting room with this product, soon to follow the kitchen ceiling.


This paneling is amazing, it brings a room to life with its natural colors and unique patterns. All this and absolutely amazing service and information from Gary Bray, we will be purchasing more products( log siding, gotta try it), in the future. Thanks Gary!


William Scott 

We have been really satisfied with your products and have enjoyed the new look of the log siding. 

Kinda a bugger staining all the that lumber, but got it done with the help of all the kids and grandkids.  Looks great may need another coat in a year or two. We are in AZ for the winter and the house is just waiting for us to return in June. 

 We also remodeled the interior and opened up the kitchen and living room great idea.  We love it.  Will send some pics when we get back.  Thanks for your help.

Jens and Cindy Hodges