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Knotty Pine Paneling is a key part of a Log or Timber Frame Home. At BL&L we offer the full specrtrum of  natural wood paneling to make your home design warm and unique. Whether they are looking for the clean lines of a tight knotty pine or the old western style of our Blue Stained Knotty Pine Paneling we can furnish it directly from the mills to you.
The common theme of all our knotty pine or cedar paneling is quality boards at wholesale prices. The pine paneling is what will set your house apart from the rest. Here are some samples of natural wood paneling for your Log Cabin.

Blue Stained Worm Track Pine Paneling
Bring the Old West look into your home
Blue Stained pine is more beautiful than barnwood

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Our Blue Stained knotty pine paneling gives your cabin a feel of the Old West. Even though the boards have natural blue staining and worm tracks from fire kill so the colors and character will never grow old.

Stained knotty pine panel makes this one of a kind

Cedar brings a beauty to the interior that cannot be matched

Blue Stained Pine

Blue stained paneling rather than barnwood

Here are some examples of species we can offer:

* Ponderosa Pine 

* Eastern White Pine

* Spruce

* Cedar

Wood paneling turns an everyday home into a country palace. Make your walls come alive with real wood paneling.

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