Bray Log & Lumber

Why Cedar

Our Cedar logs are the most perfect wood in the market which are more weather and bug resistant than any of the logs available. Cedar is the classic wood for making sidings and exposed beams throughout the country and even the world. Cedar has its own natural oils inside the wood which repels water and keeps the fibre protected from rot and decompetition.

Cedar also is resistant to termites and bugs. This is especially critical in the southeast where moisture and humidity makes for a perfect environment for growing termites. Just like all woods it needs to be maintained, cedar has a unique scent which bugs do not like or digest properly keeping them from eating this wood like they do every other specie. Our cedar is the most stable wood in existance which lowers settling and cracking compared to other woods.

Cedar is also one of the most beautiful woods in God's creation. The color and knot structure makes it one of the most incredible to look at as well as a very soft wood to work with. All in all cedar has always been considered the most superior wood to build with and you will never regret paying a bit more for the quality.