Do not WORK for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.” John 6:27

The Holy Spirit has guided my life for almost four years now. I was called right after Obama was elected and have been writing editorials once or twice a week since then. His election and the Obama meltdown directly affected me financially as one of my biggest customers declared bankruptcy while owing me a substantial amount of money. This debt was secured by a large investor in the auto industry who also took a beating and although I have been suffering financially there was never poverty in faith.

Jesus tests our faith in difficult times to prepare you for better days. God has always provided no matter how dark since there was always a view of doing his work and exposing the darkness. A year ago I was near bankruptcy and now I am having the best year of my life.

We have groups of people working in the darkest part of the country spreading the word and beginning to speak the truth of freedom to the Earth cult. God has carried us through and now he has rewarded us with a flood of mercy. His mercy is what keeps the enslaved free and gives light to the blind. We are seeing a revival and change starting in the place the Dirt Worshipers began, Oregon.

I have always had the best job in the world as a pure capitalist. Every morning I wake up unemployed and spend the day finding a job to do making something out of nothing. You have to have faith God will provide. In June someone called me from Brooklyn NY and said they were on the website and asked if I handled Douglas fir logs. I said yes and asked what he was looking for? He said he was building an Ark and needed somewhere between 2-4,000 logs that were around six inches thick and twelve foot long to make the floors of this ark which was scaled to half the size of Noah’s ark. This one was going to be half scale 200 ft long by 40 ft wide and four stories high.

I figured this was a long shot but I like chasing rabbits and asked why he was building an ark and he said they were doing a film and would be starting this soon and would need these logs delivered in four weeks even though it would be 10-12 trucks of logs. I made a few calls on Doug Fir but quickly realized the freight from Oregon to NY was not going to work so moved out to the Rockies and offered bug killed Lodgepole Pine and figured it would look old, grey and dry like you would expect in the desert. When I called I explained you wouldn’t want manufactured poles since those machines wouldn’t be around five thousand years ago and sent some pictures of the bug killed logs.

The following Monday they called and said they liked my logs the best since they looked more authentic than the fence posts I was competing against and doubted they could produce them fast enough. My problem was I was a bit too high so after going back to the mill we were able to get in line pricewise and then waited.

A couple of days later he called and said they wanted to go with the Lodgepole but would need to actually touch and lift the wood to make sure it wasn’t too heavy to work with. He said I needed to meet him in Salt Lake City tomorrow to take a tour so I made arrangements to fly the next day and called the mill for the final details. I questioned the logic of paying $500 for an airfare but figured he wasn't flying out to look at the scenery so it was probably going to go forward and booked the flight. He sent me his final specs and when I sent it to the mill he realized the logs he produced were too big and would be too heavy. I asked him what that meant and he said it meant he couldn’t produce the order. I couldn’t believe it but I felt God would provide and prayed he would help me solve this issue and help me find the logs.

After calling a couple of producers and being told these logs were impossible and in high demand my phone rang and one of my Colorado mills asked if I had booked a truck for Monday. I said yes and asked, Oh by the way do you have any beetle killed logs 6 inches in diameter? He said he was swimming in them and how many did I need. When I told him 4,000 he said he could do 10,000 and as quick as you needed at a better price then the first supplier. I told him I may be seeing him tomorrow and hung up. I called NY and said forget Salt Lake to meet me in Denver and we would go up into the woods there. We met and drove a hundred miles out of town meeting my logger buddy and we all got along great. He loved the logs, the operation and we basically agreed on the arrangements. He said he would pay our terms then would be confirming everything when we got back.

As we were having lunch we had to find out about this movie. I asked, “So what is this ark, what is it about?” He said it was a movie about Noah, but there was an ark and Noah and the rest is science fiction with computer generated animals. We asked if we knew any of the characters and he said you may know Noah, he is being played by Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins plays Methuselah it turned out the little movie company was Paramount Pictures. Our jaws hit the table. We completed shipping in eight weeks through Colorado forest fires, rainouts, breakdowns and blown engines and as it turned out there were two arks which were built taking nineteen trucks of logs. These arks are going to be amazing by their massiveness and detail but the look of the logs were perfect. They really did find the right person for supplying the right logs for the ark a Christian who loves the Lord.

This is what happens with free enterprise ideas and allowing God to work in your life. The set builders had no idea where to get this material and when they got on the internet they happened on someone who could solve their problems. They didn’t call the gummit or some agency, they let the market do its magic and not only did they solve it they have one of the most amazing sets ever created. They called a redneck in little Tualatin Oregon to solve a problem saving their $150 million film in NYC and possibly making it a masterpiece.

The irony that an anti-HollyWierd Conservative received checks from them is delicious. These Arks are going to be the stars of these movies and will remind people no matter what the storyline, God is in control always has and always will. There were miracles in the production of these logs as his mercy showed for me and everyone involved, allowing them to get there on time which will shine through leaving his grace symbolized in a Rainbow for the entire world to witness. This has really put a rainbow on my life as I know to follow hard after him and he will never let you down as long as you have Faith in God.


P.S. This Ark was hit by Hurricane Sandy but the filming was done so it didn't really affect them. To imagine Noah's Ark being hit by a flood makes you wonder if God wasn't sending a message?