I searched dozens of log cabin manufactures, from the best known to the obscure, and researched each type of cabin offered for quality, ability to maintain, and affordability.  I settled on Bray Log and Lumber for these three reasons.  Their high-quality cedar logs and their architecture of an authentic 1860 log cabin (their Grizzly 3) provided us with what we were looking for.  I was skeptical at first due to their low pricing.  Similar cabins using pine or other timber were up to 4 times as much, and the cost difference was at first unsettling.  This worry was quickly abated when I talked to several log stackers who were thrilled we were considering Bray Log and Lumber for the following reasons:

·        They always provide quality logs and timber and the stacker won’t have to request replacement logs

·        They always provide more than enough timber – they don’t short their customers

·        Their customer service is impeccable to both the buyer and the log stacker

With this in mind, my wife and I purchased the Grizzly 3 for a remote off-the-grid location and took their advice on a local log stacker.  This was the best purchase we could have hoped for and the log stacker they recommended was the best!  Our cabin in the woods is our pride - and of the highest quality, providing us with an authentic 1860 structure with all of the modern conveniences, but without unsightly construction.  Those with log cabin experience who have visited our building site were impressed with both the authentic architecture and the quality of the cedar lumber, which should reduce our overall maintenance and provide a cabin for later generations to visit!

Our experience with Gary and his assistance throughout the entire process, to include checking on the progress throughout the duration of construction, was more than we could have hoped for.  We highly recommend you talk to Bray Log and Lumber before making any decisions on a log or timber structure.  Their knowledge of lumber and experience in log cabins will keep your costs down and allow you to experience an affordable quality cabin!

Delise and Dave Rohret

Menard, TX

By choosing Bray Log & Lumber we saved a significant amount of money, bringing us into budget and enabling us to build our dream home. We had the freedom to design each aspect of the timber. We specified the dimensions of the siding, stairwell, pickets, beams, etc allowing it to be a truly custom design.
Thanks for everything Gary.

Kim & Ed Patrick
Masury, Ohio

Still waiting on the builder to get his portion done. I have pre-stained a batch of decking and installed a couple bundles of paneling. The decking is top-notch and straight.