Our Cedar logs are the most perfect wood in the market which are more weather and bug resistant than any of the logs available. Cedar is the classic wood for making sidings and exposed beams throughout the country and even the world. Cedar has its own natural oils inside the wood which repels water and keeps the fibre protected from rot and decompetition.

Cedar also is resistant to termites and bugs. This is especially critical in the southeast where moisture and humidity makes for a perfect environment for growing termites. Just like all woods it needs to be maintained, cedar has a unique scent which bugs do not like or digest properly keeping them from eating this wood like they do every other specie. Our cedar is the most stable wood in existance which lowers settling and cracking compared to other woods.

Cedar is also one of the most beautiful woods in God's creation. The color and knot structure makes it one of the most incredible to look at as well as a very soft wood to work with. All in all cedar has always been considered the most superior wood to build with and you will never regret paying a bit more for the quality.

Wood is the ultimate renewable resource. We have lush forests in Oregon and the Northwest that are some of the finest timber in the world. Oregon ships lumber around the world and for construction and beauty nothing compares to the softwood species you find in our forests waiting and growing to become the most perfect building materials ever developed. Our forests are being managed and harvested to produce the healthiest trees to grow tall and strong to be turned into the products we are offering on this site.

The difference between a managed forest and one set aside to satisfy the environmentalists is the managed forests are far healthier than the unmanaged ones. When they are unmanaged weed forests tend to take over and choke out the Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine which are the majestic giants of the forest. The faster growing lodgepole pine tends to take over and grow close together not only choking out the other species but eventually choke themselves out leading to the giant bug kills and forest fires we are experiencing now. The managed forests can literally stand in the way of a forest fire and either stop it or the fire will only burn the underbrush leaving the giant trees untouched then reigniting back into the unhealthy forests.

When we harvest and rotate the managed forests we not only develop the marketable resources but actually make these forests far healthier. You can know that when they cut the trees to help build your home the forest managers will be planting more trees than they cut so 18-20 years they will be harvesting the next healthy generation of trees. These forests are not only healthier for the trees but the wildlife flourishes in the managed forests with the grass in the clear cuts feeding elk, deer and every other grazing animal which feeds the bear, cougar and other predators leading to a more vibrant web of life.

We have the some of the most beautiful building materials in the world and we can ship from our mills directly to your job site. All we need is a list of materials and we can ship directly Douglas Fir, Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Eastern White Pine and Spruce to make your home the most uniquely beautiful of any home in the world. So you can know anytime you purchase American lumber products you are not only employing Americans but keeping our forests healthy and strong. Bray Log & Lumber can provide the finest products at competitive prices by shipping almost directly from the forests to your future dream home.

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