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Bray Log & Lumber is excited to have one of our cabins was featured in an episode of Tiny House Nation, Season 4, airing Saturdays at  9/8 PM on FYI Network. This cabin has been highlighted on their commercials since it is the nicest Tiny Home in their season and one of the few not on a trailer. The Episode can be seen at this link:

Tiny Home Nation

Cedar Log Siding adds texture to this Timber Frame

Make your log home dreams come true! Whether it is a small hunting getaway or a dream vacation home and especially church camps to serve Jesus, we can turn that dream into your turn of the century reality. Rather than just building walls and a roof, we recreate cabins reminiscent of the 1800s. Don't just go visit your cabin in the woods, walk back in time and make it a reflection of your life and favorite hobbies.  Pick any theme you like from Miners to old farm, cowboy country or Church camps to travel back when America was formed. We have the unique cedar homes of the highest quality with the knowledge an expertise to make your cabin one of a kind.

We are an Oregon-based company specializing in the highest quality cedar log cabins and sidings. We have been supplying Log Home builders and homeowners with the highest  log home products in America for over 15 years. We ship direct from the most dependable mills around the US.  Our specialty is Log Cabins, Log Siding ahile supplying Douglas Fir Timbers and Trusses, pine paneling along with a variety of log accents to make your cabin special. We have nearly every softwood species which will take your cabin back in time. Our house logs and sidings are made from every shape and texture to accentuate your theme. 


Bray Log & Lumber is about serving God and putting Americans to work since our products are US made whenever possible and always made from the highest quality.  Let us help you turn your Log Home or remodel into an old American pioneer reality.



Our Log packages are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in cedar up to 14 inch diameters. We also supply log home products such as custom cut Douglas Fir Timbers and parts.  We can supply knotty pine paneling and finish products as well as log accents that make your Log Home the best it can be.

The interior of your Log Home can be finished with 2x6 Tongue and Groove ceiling decking as well as unique wood panelings. Our T&G paneling can be in pine, cedar or as well as our blue stained pine to match your House Logs and Half Log Siding. The 2x6 Doug Fir decking can make your cabin into a wooden lodge with cathedral style ceilings on large wood beams. You can even go to the rustic barn siding or reclaimed woods if you like the rustic flavor. We can send the specialty woods to match any theme your 1890 cabin desires.

When you choose your cabin from Bray Log & Lumber you can choose from a variety of themes for your design. Is it a hunting lodge or a fishing hut and are you wanting modern comfort or old world charm? We need to know what you are dreaming so we can help bring you textures and materials to make that dream become a reality. These amazing cabins become a stage to showcase your hobbies and passions and entertain friends, family or congregations. Pastors, imagine an 18th century camp with no phones or tablets, just fellowship and a deeper walk with the Lord of all creation.

Our Cedar Log Siding makes this home amazing
Our Cedar Log Siding makes that home amazing

Bray Log & Lumber is excited to have one of our cabins featured in an upcoming episode of Tiny House Nation, Season 4, airing on Saturdays 9/8 PM on Lifetime and  FYI Network around the Holidays. Stay tuned for the air date in 2017 of our episode to find out which one.

Our Cedar Log Siding makes that home amazing

Enjoy your stay.

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